…a blues for Nina

Because it appeared as a high entry in my serverlogs:

brother Ed
Alright this is uh, a little somethin I been workin on
It’s new
I call it uh, “A Blues For Nina”

Say baby, can I be your slave
I’ve got to admit girl, you’re the shit girl
And I’m diggin’ you like a grave
Now do they call you daughter to the spinnin post, or
Or maybe Queen of 2,000 moons
Sister to the distant, yet risin’ star
Is your name Yimmy-Ya
Oh hell nah, it’s got to be Oshun
Ooo, is that a smile me put on your face child
Wide as a field of Jasmine and Glover
Talk that talk honey, walk that walk money
Hound legs that’ll spank Jehovah
Shit, who am I?
It’s not important
But they call me brother to the Night
And right now
I’m the blues in your left thigh
Tryin to become the funk in your right

Who am I?
I’ll be whoever you say
But right now, I’m the sight raped hunter
Blindly pursuing you as my prey
And I just wanna give you injections, of sublime erections
And get you to dance to my rhythm
Make you dream archaetypes, of black angels in flight
Upon wings, of distorted, contorted, metaphoric jism
Come on slim
Fuck yo’ man, I ain’t worried about him
It’s you who I wanna step to my scene
Cause rather than deal with the fallacy
Of this dry ass reality
I rather dance and romance your sweet ass, in a wet dream
Who am I?
Well they all call me brother to the Night
And right now, I’m the blues in your left thigh
Trying to become the funk in your right
Is that alright

Darius Lovehall

Personally I like I Am Looking At Music much more:

This is um, something that I’ve been working on for a while
And I was hoping that a certain someone would be here tonight
But, I don’t, see him, so
I guess I’ma get it out anyway
It’s funny what you can do in front of a room full of people
That you can’t even seem to do in front of one person

It is the color of light,
The shape of sound high in the evergreens
It lies suspended in hills,
A blue line in a red sky.

I am looking at sound.

I am hearing the brightness
Of high bluffs and almond trees
I am tasting the wilderness
of lakes, rivers, and streams
Caught in an angle of song.

I am remembering water
That glows in the dawn
The motion tumbled in earth
Life hidden in mounds.

I am dancing a bright beam of light

I am remembering love.


Nina Mosley

Both poems appeared on the Love Jones OMPST


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  1. Lynette

    I loved the movie Love Jones which of course both of these poems are from. I really Love “A Blues for Nina”. “I am the blues in your left thigh, trying to become the funk in your right” thats my favorite line!! I wish someone would make a blues for Lynette…lol

  2. Dawn

    I loved the movie Love Jones and the poetry featured in it. I am finally doing a little something with my thoughts and creativity. I watch the movie for inspiration constantly.

  3. Kayla

    Love Jones is my favorite movie of all time and I watch it constantly even though I have seen it a million and one times and know all the words and poems. But it is something about that movie and especially the poem “A Blues For Nina” that just makes me want to watch it over and over again. “A Blues For Nina” is one of my all time favorite poems and “I Am Looking At Music” ain’t too bad either.

  4. Frosty

    First off I LOVE YOUR SITE!! I love both poems because they are two totally different styles. I am a poet myself. I’ve been writing for over 15 years. I enjoyed the movie Love Jones because of it’s old skool kinda look and style to it. Classic.

  5. Franklin

    Love Jones has left a Jones in my bones for Love. So i tell all who has loved and has been loved, this is the movie for you. The strength and combination on words keep you dazed and creates a feeling of never being in love and finding your true love for the first time. The Greatest Feeling in The World!

  6. mimi

    i love this place! ive been obsessed with ‘a blues for nina’ that i justhad to search for it online to share with my loved ones. that was a clear picture of growing love….

  7. Tee

    This is one of my favorite movies. I love everything about this movie especially these 2 poems. My favorite is “A blues for Nina” . Larenz Tate is my boy!

    I don’t write or speak any poetry but I love to listen to it because I do have a good hear.

  8. a special person

    the poems are nice.

  9. a special person

    i like the poems. they are very nice. everone likes the poems

  10. in search of something

    this movie is so eduring because of its realness and originality. It’s not a fairy tale, but in the end love does conquer all…time, pride, everything. I HEART this movie…is that brotha still writing and directing…we need you (lol)

  11. satinka

    I just got to read the thread while looking for this poem.love this accept for the poem where he mentioned bout jehovah.I’m a writer too but I also respect religion.Jehovah is the name of god,why use that to complete a rhyme? Ridiculous I must say.but respect for the movie.

  12. Mila

    Love both of these poems…some of the words here are incorrect though…

    “High on legs that’ll SPITE Jehova”…big difference between spite and spank…particularly in that line.


  13. Karla C. Gonzales

    Love Jones showed another colour of true love, thus giving hope that those of my hue could, or dare I say would, shine from within with the assurance that love is colour, time and boundless.

  14. Amanda

    Love this movie….So surreal… I can relate to this in oh so many ways…

  15. LaMarcus Mccullum

    Ive been watching this movie continuously for 3 years and it still teaches me something new dealing with love and romance… Im just turning 21, so it has opened my eyes to a lot things.. i introduce it to every female i come in contact with… this is the overall perfect love and romance movie.. good job.. You all should consider re-releasing it.

  16. Anonymous

    I’m feeling so good right now to be named Nina! I absolutely love this movie…and the 2 poems


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