Whatever happened to the Escoffery’s?


Released in 1991 by Atlantic Records in the USA Opinions by the four Escofferys sisters was an impressive debut album. Sharon, Marcia, Michelle and the late Sandra Escoffery’s vocal harmonies always had that special something which - I suppose - is due to the fact that they are sisters and had sung long before this release together in church. Listening to Opinions again as I write this, I notice that the album has matured nicely in over fourteen years. Especially the ballads have stood the test of time. When I Hear His Voice with Sandra’s warm and rich voice handling the lead vocals could easily appear on a contemporary nu soul album. L’Amour Nu (Naked Love) with its message against hate and war sung ethereally by Michelle is simply great, timeless soul.
Where Is Your Love or Unobtainable (Standing In Need) are blueprints of what the Escofferys could achieve with a great song and their sweet harmonies.
And then there’s the first (and as far as I know only single) Look Who’s Loving Me, and gosh, I still love this funky tune. It was only while re-hearing it today that I’ve noticed that the 12″ by Ancient Prophet on Waako, I’ve reviewed ages ago, sampled The Escofferys on the song Loving Me.
Opinions had some other fine midtempo grooves like Best Part Of My Life or Taking Live Easy.
Most of the songs were (co-)written by Sandra Escoffery together with Marcus Johnson from the Ethnic Boyz, who also produced the album.
Unfortunately that’s the only album I know of that the Escofferys had released. In 1993 the song Something Within Me appeared on the compilation Soul Stirrings - The Nu Inspirational on 4th & B’Way/Island and Michelle Escoffery was part of the girl group Truce, who released Nothin’ But The Truce in 1994/95 on Big Life Records. (Here is an interview with Michelle Escoffery). And it looks like Sharon calls herself Eshe these days (at least that’s what this site suggest about Eshe Escoffery).


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  2. felicia

    i love love love this song!! I heard it on bet’s video soul so long ago, and still can’t get it out of my mind all this time! i wonder why this group never blew up like soul to soul and loose ends? I would love to purchase this album!!

  3. Carlaya

    When I started radio in the 90s Power 88 was blowing up “Look who’s loving me”, the album is timeless. I still keep the songs in my playlist inside “The Sunday Night Slow Jams” jamming to ‘Naked Love’, ‘Unobtainable’ and others. These girls and project were slept on but it doesn’t keep me from playing it on the radio on Sunday nights. www.power88lv.com

    Queen of Flow - 09


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