Bah Samba featuring Isabel Fructuoso Calma

Calma was the first song that features another singer (Isabel Fructuoso) than Alice Russell, who usually is the voice of Bah Samba. Including other singers and non-English lyrics is something Julian Bendall (keys, co-writer and co-producer) wants to extend in the future and hopefully there will be a whole album with Isabel Fructuoso he’s working on. But before that happens, we get a great remix package of the latin dance tune Calma from Bah Samba’s 4 album. Louie Vega of Masters At Work fame liked the original version so much, that he insisted on remixing it for BKO and will release it on his own Vega Records in the USA soon. Louie’s version turns Calma into a summer house favourite.
Quentin Harris adds more bass to the mix to provide us with a very good underground house version. As if that wouldn’t be enough there’s also Bah Samba’s own Beach Mix. This version puts Isabel’s vocals to the fore with a lovely acoustic guitar and some sparse keys. An impressive chill out version. Again, an essential single release by Bah Samba with versions for (almost) every occasion.

By the way Bah Samba will perform live at the Jazz Café in London, Wednesday 21st September 2005, with Maxine Braham as support act.

Tracklisting of Calma: 1. Louie Vega Remix/ 2.Quentin Harris Re-Production/ 3. Bah Samba Beach Mix/ 4. Album version/ 5. Louie Vega Remix (Instrumental)/ 6. Louie Vega Remix Radio Edit | released August, 22th 2005 BKO Productions

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  1. jeff


    where can i get the lyrics to “calma”?



  2. Marcipan

    this is the music for my soul I ADORE YOU ISABEL FRUCTUOSSO…your amaizing voice and…the charisma that shines trough it…lots of sweet marcipan kissess from me

  3. Sul. E. Z.

    Great track !


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