Quantic One Off’s, Remixes And B Sides

Much to my own shame I have to admit that I discovered the British Tru Thoughts label not until early 2005 when I bought Alice Russell’s solo debut Under The Munka Moon. Since that date Tru Thoughts has become a label that never ceases to amaze me with its releases. While some releases need a little more time to appeal to me there are others like The Nostalgia 77 Octet’s Seven’s And Eight’s which I liked at once.
Will Holland surely needs no introduction to regular readers of jazz-not-jazz because I’ve already reviewed his Quantic Soul Orchestra album Pushin’ On.
The title One Off’s, Remixes And B Sides is self-explanatory. But that doesn’t mean this is an album of lukewarm left-overs. The majority of the tracks on this double CD have only been available on vinyl before. There are also four tracks that have been previously unreleased, including the Quantic and Mr. Scruff collaboration Giraffe Walk.
I guess with 27 songs on offer it’s no surprise that there are a few that somehow misses the point for me like En Focus or Life In The Rain. But instead of telling you about the songs I don’t understand I should rather mention the good tracks on offer. And there are many like the Bill Withers inspired soulful Quantic remix of Victor Malloy’s The Girl Who Wasn’t There or the late nite jazzy remix of Secrets by 3 mins feat. Mark Murphy.
Departure from the Mishaps Happening Remix EP is a fine latinesque dancer that ends the first disc and shows how easily and convincingly Will can switch musical styles. Mishaps Happening with vocal overdubs by Alice Russell continues the second disc with a fusion of brazilian influences over funky beats giving this tune a nice easy listening feeling.
One of my favourites comes with Quantic’s mix of Disco Africa by The Ogyataana Show Band, a great piece of afro disco beats. More afro appears on Bukom Mashie by Oscar Sulley & Uhuru Dance Band. Both songs appear on the Soundway Records released album Ghana Soundz Volume 2: More Afro-Beat, Funk & Fusion in 70s Ghana as well.
Rosie Brown’s Bliss is another highlight with driving rhythms and jazzy overdubs.
Don’t Joke With A Hungry Man was a great furious funky cut in its original version (and also appeared on the Stay On The Groove compilation) but here it gets transformed into a wonderful broken beat monster by Seiji and Matt Lord from Bugz In The Attic.
If you’re looking for musical inspiration in the new year (that is 2006 of course) then look no further. One Off’s, Remixes And B Sides is a cornucopia of cool tracks that offers something for (almost) everyone.

Tracklisting of One Off’s, Remixes And B Sides:
CD 1:
1. Quantic - Archipelago/ 2. Bathysphere - Where’s Vicky? (Quantic Mix)/ 3. Victor Malloy - The Girl Who Wasn’t There (Quantic Mix)/ 4. Quantic - En Focus feat. Trinidad (Pilooski Mix)/ 5. Future Loop Foundation - What’s Your Name (Quantic Mix)/ 6. Gecko Turner - Limon En La Cabeza (Quantic Dub Mix)/ 7. Paine - Bene (Quantic Mix)/ 8. Dynamoe - In Your Own Time (Quantic Mix)/ 9. 3 Mins feat. Mark Murphy - Secrets (Quantic Mix)/ 10. Quantic - Quick Sand/ 11. Quantic - Life In The Rain (Dave Da Gato’s Ferile Touch)/ 12. Skalpel - 1958 (Quantic Mix)/ 13. Handpolished - So Sudden (Quantic Mix)/ 14. Quantic & Mr. Scruff - Giraffe Walk/ 15. Quantic - Departure
CD 2:
1. Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Quantic Beat Mix)/ 2. The Ogyataana Show Band - Disco Africa (Quantic Mix)/ 3. DJ Angola - Bailalo (Quantic Mix)/ 4. Quantic - Don’t Joke With A Hungry Man (Seiji Mix)/ 5. Quantic - Off The Beaten Track (Carmel Mix)/ 6. Oscar Sulley & Uhuru Dance Band - Bukom Mashie (Quantic Mix)/ 7. Rosie Brown - Bliss (Quantic Mix)/ 8. Awa Band feat. Tony Allen - Bababatteur (Quantic Mix)/ 9. Dublex Inc - Tango Forte (Quantic Mix)/ 10. UFO - Transworld (Quantic Mix)/ 11. Maga Bo - Tanto Faz (Quantic Mix)/ 12. Quantic - Perception (Nu:Tone Mix)
released February, 6th 2006 Tru Thoughts

For more infos visit quantic.org and tru-thoughts.co.uk.

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  1. Matthias

    I just have to mention this: The listeners and fans of Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide radio show on BBC Radio 1 have voted for Tru Thoughts as label of the year 2005. Indeed, TT had an incredible year with quality releases from Alice Russell, the Quantic Soul Orchestra, Nostalgia 77, and Diesler. Now I must quickly get hold of Quantic’s Mixes as well!

  2. Dirk

    I guess I’m one of the few persons who’s not very fond of Mr. Peterson…maybe this interview with Keb Darge has something to do with it:

    You can take your time to get this album because it’s released not before early February 2006. But you can listen to a few tracks on my next radio42 show this Friday.

  3. santi


    Another good release of Tru Thoughts, with lot of good music of Quantic.




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