an interview with Nina Vidal

Nina Vidal recently impressed me with her single Do It Again. The good news is that she’s already working on new material with her musical partner Caté. In her jazz-not-jazz interview Nina also talks about her musical influences, the difficulties of being an independent artists, her work as a session singer and much more.

Q: Please tell me a little bit about yourself. How you discovered your love for music, who has influenced you and why did you pursue a career in music.

Nina Vidal: My mother started me in piano lessons when I was about 7 years old. From an early age I became excited about making music. That feeling has stayed with me all these years. I was also really into poetry when I was younger. I wrote poems from an early age. I think a natural progression for me was to combine my love of writing music and writing poems into songwriting. Although I’ve always wanted to be a musician I feel like in a lot of ways having a career in music was not my decision. I’m not creating this life. It’s being given to me. God pulls me along this path, and that is something I believe wholeheartedly. The more I resist the stronger the pull. And it makes no sense that I would resist because I’m doing what I love. I’ve learned to stop fighting it and go with the flow. Some artists that have moved and inspired me include Antonio Carlos Jobim, Anita Baker, Sade, Keith Jarrett, and Tracy Chapman. I’m influenced by a lot of things - Music, nature, love, life, and intangible things.

Q: How content are you with the reactions Do It Again gets?

Nina Vidal: Do It Again was just one of those songs that flowed out of me without much intervention from myself. Those are the best songs, the ones you don’t ponder over while you’re writing it, you just let it flow out of you without thinking. I’m very pleased that “Do It Again” touches people the way it does. It makes me happy to give people a warm feeling with music.



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