an interview with Marcus Strickland

Obviously I was a little bit late with discovering Marcus Strickland and his Brotherhood album, which was originally released in 2003. But that shouldn’t bother you from getting a copy, because it’s one of the best albums from a young jazz musician and his quartet I’ve heard in recent years. The good news is that Marcus will release a new album, Twi-Life, in a few months. May 2006 to be exact and it’ll be a double CD as he told in his jazz-not-jazz interview amongst other things. Just read it for yourself:

Q: Please tell me something about yourself, your musical development and who has influenced you.

Marcus Strickland: I am currently at a moment in my life that is teaching me a valuable lesson about decisions. My sound, my style & approach, my goals as an artist are all much more clear now - meaning it has become easier for me to make decisions. Like my decision to start my own record label Strick Muzik, with which I will release my next recording “Twi-Life”. I have realized that in the midst of an ever-evolving music industry it is up to the artist to ensure that their own path is clear. This is a quality that I find in all of those who inspire me: Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Branford Marsalis, Steve Coleman and the list goes on. Their influence on me is inclusive of, yet far more vast than, music. I have learned from them that the transition from musician to artist is based on life experience and decisions - most of which are not the easy way out.

Q: You play both the tenor and soprano saxophone. Which of these two is you favourite?

Marcus Strickland: The tenor and soprano saxophones are BOTH my absolute favorite instruments, …with drums next on the list. I choose between the tenor and soprano based on the range, but most importantly the overall mood of the song. Sometimes the song will call for a dark smooth sound, which is the sound I get from soprano. When I want to hear the melody played with a more musclar robust sound I choose the tenor.



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