an interview with Naima Shamborguer

Last month I reviewed Naima Shamborguer’s dream project From My Heart To Yours, a fine collection of standards with Naima’s unique personal touch. In her second jazz-not-jazz interview tells us a little bit more about the songs on this album, what they mean to her and how she met fellow musicians George Benson and Don Revels amongst others.

Q: You’ve told me in our first interview that From My Heart To Yours is your dream project. Is it still your dream project after you’ve finished it? Because sometimes odd things happen when you do something you really long to do.

Naima Shamborguer: From My Heart To Yours started out as my dream project and has ended up as my dream project even larger than life. It took a little longer than planned to record, but haste makes waste, we took our time and the outcome is above measure. I’m very pleased with From My Heart To Yours.

Q: Please tell me something about the recording sessions and its memorable moments.

Naima Shamborguer: The recording sessions were done at The Live Wire Studio in Southfield Michigan. The Studio sits in an area with a creek running behind the building. I recorded looking out of a huge glass window at the beautiful trees and creek. The atmosphere of this studio is awesome. The memorable moments were the night that the horns came in to record. Trumpeter, Dwight Adams came in and augmented Smile only two takes. It was beautiful. Then George Benson (Sax Man Benson) added his horn to Fuchsia Mood, only two takes and When October Goes one take, we were Screaming, it was great. Then Wendell Harrison, clarinet, George Benson and Dwight Adams added the horns to If You Could See Me Now. We were at a concert then. Unbelievable.
Then Steve Turre Flew in from New York for a Weekend. We recorded The Nearness Of You one take. We also worked that weekend at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge the oldest jazz club in the world and we performed on a radio broadcast some of the tunes From My Heart To Yours and Steve performed some of his music and included the shells that he is so well known for mastering. What a great time.



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