Malena Perez Chase The Butterflies (Kenny Dope Remixes)

Free To Fly, the first single by Malena PĂ©rez, released by Divine Recordings, written and recorded with Atlanta producer Michael Johnson and remixed by JustOne (KemeticJust) somehow created a little buzz in the house music scene in 2004. Malena, born in Atlanta, Georgia to a Cuban father and German mother, has been busy establishing her own label Cubanita Records and working on her debut album Stars (to be released in June 2006) since then. As an appetizer Giant Step releases the first single, Chase The Butterflies. They spared neither costs nor efforts and engaged Kenny Dope to remix the song. The Kenny Dope Remix is the best mix here, it’s a deep soulful house mix something like Everything But The Girl meeting Naked Music in a Latin club with just the right amount of uptempo vibe to make it a dancefloor filler. The K-Dope Rubber Dub gives the song a harder edge with some electro effects. The Beats and Instrumental are nice to play around for the DJs but discerning listeners should head straight to the first remix for maximum pleasure.
According to Malena’s myspace site the next single release will be Praise The Day, her collaboration with Osunlade.

Tracklisting of Chase The Butterflies: 1. Kenny Dope Remix/ 2. Kenny Dope Beats/ 3. K-Dope Rubber Dub/ 4. K-Dope Rubber Inst. | released 2006 by Cubanita Groove Records/Giant Step

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