whatever happened to Ledisi?

After many years of being a independent artist Ledisi has now leaped into a new phase of her career and has signed to a major label.

So that’s the reason why the once announced Ledisi album on Expansion record never ever saw the light of day?
According to Ledisi’s myspace site she’s now with Verve/Universal. Well, let’s hope she still can record the music the way she likes and not the way Universal’s A&R people like.

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  1. Phoenix

    I’m a close friend and her background singer…and trust me…her relationship with Verve is a great one and she is putting the finishing touches on her new cd as we speak. Verve has been incredibly supportive and “hands off.” You can expect an incredible cd with vocals that will simply make your jaw drop.

    A tour of the coasts has been scheduled. Check www.ledisi.com for details.


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