Curtis Mayfield Keep On Keeping On

Ah, shock, horror…finally I’ve become infected by the youtube plague as well. Here’s a video in a rather good quality of Curtis Mayfield singing Keep On Keeping On from his Roots album.

video url


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  1. Matthias

    I’ve also been pretty skeptical about the new video services. But, as it is, you can find some very beautiful clips there that you can easily integrate into your blog. That’s what makes it so fascinating.


    But you really have to try hard to find videos in decent quality. There are a lot of files transfered from old VHS-tapes and often they look like the original screen resolution was smaller than the one displayed by youtube and you just get a very pixalated picture.

    And another reason why I included the video is to see if I can reach the top position on google with Curtis Mayfield Keep On Keeping On. It worked very well with Teena Marie Sapphire although I just included a short news article here.

  3. Tyrone Henderson

    We have had the pleasure of a black pearl to beacon itself in our life time those of us that was around this great artist knew a flower from heaven, treasue of timelessiness,Curtis when words were needed their you were spreading them,hope faith and love you gave to us presious words to hold on to.
    ‘For your Presious Love mean more to me then all that of a american dream”, it is the wealth of God a word smith turely.


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