an interview with Sandra St. Victor

Some ten years ago I’m sure I would’ve thought that anyone, who would’ve told me that in ten years time I’d have a music site and I would publish an interview with one of my favourite singers, is ready for a lunatic asylum. Back then Sandra St. Victor was with Warner Brothers who had just released her Mack Diva Saves The World album. And we all know how major labels like to protect their artists from their fans and besides in 1996 I didn’t even know how to spell internet. So in some ways it was good that Sandra St. Victor became an independent artist after Warner dropped her. This way it’s much easier to get in contact with her. Well, to cut a long story short, here’s finally the jazz-not-jazz interview with the Mack Diva, Sandra St. Victor.
Since I’m a fan of Sandra since the day I bought a copy of the Evon Geffries & The Stand release Sex w/o Love, there are a few more questions than usually. And watch this site for an interview with Peter Lord and Jeffrey Smith coming in the near future with more questions about their new album Super Sol Nova which is scheduled for a release this autumn.
And for some Sandra St. Victor live on stage together with the Daughters Of Soul visit They’ve put a 2 1/2 hour concert online. [By the way you can also watch concerts on Fabchannel with other artists featured on jazz-not-jazz like Amp Fiddler, Julie Dexter (with the Flowriders), Rahsaan Patterson, Mark De Clive-Lowe or Legends Of The Underground.]

Q: Recently you’ve been busy with the Daughters Of Soul. Please tell me more about the live gigs you did with Lalah Hathaway, Simone, Indira Khan, Leah McCrae, Joyce Kennedy, Nona Hendryx and Caron Wheeler.

Sandra St. Victor: Daughters of Soul is a pet project of mine that I’ve wanted to for almost five years before it actually happened. I have so many great friends that I’d never worked with, but we both wanted to. Also, I thought that putting interesting people together on stage is always fun! The experience was more than I thought it would be. These shows were and are exceptional. The women are true professionals, and consumate performers. Especially Nona and Joyce, We all learn so much from them. Our audiences seem to be dazzled for the entire show! It’s over two hours long, and people still beg for more encores, absolutely fantastic.

Q: Is the Daughters Of Soul project only a project for live gigs or do you plan to record an album in the future as well?

Sandra St. Victor: We’re working on a DVD and an album now.



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