an interview with Karen Bernod

Just when I thought I have achieved everything with the jazz-not-jazz website with the recently published Sandra St. Victor interview (and now I can die…just kidding), Karen Bernod comes along with her answers to my questions. I just love the internet!
To put yourself in the right mood for Karen’s excellent new album Life @ 360 Degrees, which is scheduled for a release on May 15th by Dome Records in Europe, continue reading and learn amongst others what Karen has to say about her new album, why her collaboration with Greg Spooner is almost scary and what connection Karen has with Will Dowining.

Q: Six years have passed since you have released your debut album Some Othaness For U. Why the long hiatus? What happened in these six years?

Karen Bernod: Well..has it been that long? Wow!! I’ve been basically working towards this day. Perfecting my craft, experiencing new life endeavors and traveling the world abroad accompanying other artists, making new connections, and creating new music. I guess that’s why it doesn’t seem THAT long to me. But you’re right it’s been quite a while! :-)

Q: You’ve produced/written the new album with Greg Spooner again. Please tell me how you’ve met him and what’s the musical vision you share?

Karen Bernod: Greg and I met in the early 90’s at a spot here in Brooklyn, formerly known as Dean Street Cafe, now Tavern on Dean, which I still frequent. Then it was a live music/restaurant/bar. The music is no longer live but the food is good and the drinks are tasty! At that time there was Open Mic Nite and Greg said he’d heard about me, and thought I was a great singer and suggested we work together. I sang one night and he insisted we work together…and the rest is history. What we share is divine. You can’t find that special something with everyone. That thing when I sing a melody or a bass line or lyric and he goes to the keyboard and plays the exact chord structure that I’m hearing in my head. It’s almost scary. :-)
Greg is also Noel Pointer’s former musical director. That alone speaks volumes. Extremely talented brutha. And beautiful person. He’s one of my best friends. And his wife is also a sweetie for putting up with us ! lol



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