jazz-not-jazz on radio42

In conjunction with radio42.com and rautemusik.fm jazz-not-jazz presents two hours of simply great music every Friday 19:00-21:00 UTC+2 (you don’t have to convert it for Germany…that’s Friday 13:00-15:00 in NYC, Friday 10:00-12:00 in San Francisco and Saturday 04:00-06:00 in Sydney). The links of the audio stream can be found on radio42.com or global24music.com/rautemusik (look for Lounge there). If you have a DSL/broadband connection you can also open this url directly in your mediaplayer: http://rautemusik.g24m.net:14000/ otherwise try http://rautemusik.g24m.net:14050 for ISDN connections.

Here’s the playlist for tomorrow Friday, 18th:

Alice Coltrane: Walk With Me (from Translinear Light)
Francisco Mora Catlett: AJ’s Blues (from River Drum)
Walter Smith III: Tail Of Benin (from Casually Introducing)
Ayetoro: From Benin To Belize (from The Afrobeat Chronicles Vol. I)
Curtis Lundy: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (from Against All Odds)
Archie Shepp: Frankenstein (from The Way Ahead)
Nostalgia 77 Octet: Down Another Road (from Seven’s And Eight’s)
Carl Hancock-Rux: Red Velvet Dress (from Rux Revue)
William Scott: Death To The Poet (from Who’s Afraid Of William Scott)
Nuwamba: Take Me Away (from Above The Water)
Martha Redbone: God Created Woman (from Skintalk)
Kellylee Evans: What About Me (from Fight Or Flight)
Jazzhole: Timeless (from Poet’s Walk)
Malena Peréz: What Do I Do (from Stars)
Amana Melomé: So Glad I Found You (from Indigo Red)
Robert Gordon: What’s A Man To Do
Nina Simone: Do What You Gotta Do (from Nuff Said!)
The O’Jays: Don’t Call Me Brother (from Ship Ahoy)
Russell Taylor: Gotta Run (from Soulstar Vol. II)
Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys: Hello Bluebird (from Oh!)


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