spam attack

Due to a heavy trackback spam attack I have disabled the trackback and pings from now on…grrrrrrrr they sent one or two trackback every minute. And as I discovered Wordpress is really bad when it comes to stopping trackbacks:

If you have unchecked Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.) on the Options > Discussion panel, then you have only disabled trackbacks on future posts. To completely disable trackbacks, you will have to edit each past post and uncheck Allow Pings from the Write Post SubPanel. Alternatively, you could just simply delete the wp-trackback.php file, or run this MySQL query, from the command line on a shell account, or using PHPMyAdmin: UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status=”closed”;

The latter solution in PhpMyAdmin helped but it would’ve been helpful if someone would’ve written in the options/discussion panel that disableing trackbacks is only relevant for future posts.


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