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spam attack

Due to a heavy trackback spam attack I have disabled the trackback and pings from now on…grrrrrrrr they sent one or two trackback every minute. And as I discovered Wordpress is really bad when it comes to stopping trackbacks:

If you have unchecked Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.) on the Options > Discussion panel, then you have only disabled trackbacks on future posts. To completely disable trackbacks, you will have to edit each past post and uncheck Allow Pings from the Write Post SubPanel. Alternatively, you could just simply delete the wp-trackback.php file, or run this MySQL query, from the command line on a shell account, or using PHPMyAdmin: UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status=”closed”;

The latter solution in PhpMyAdmin helped but it would’ve been helpful if someone would’ve written in the options/discussion panel that disableing trackbacks is only relevant for future posts.


win a copy of Life At 360 Degrees by Karen Bernod

Here’s your chance to win a copy of Karen Bernod’s inspiring new album Life @ 360 Degrees. Thanks to Dome Records jazz-not-jazz have three copies to give away. All you have to do is answer the following question:

Karen sang with a famous funk/jazz band, whose two recent albums were coincidently released by Dome Records in the UK as well. She recorded a few songs with them. One of the songs is named after a famous city in southwestern Morocco, Africa, also known as the “Pearl of the South”. Name the title of the song and the band Karen sang with.

Reading the jazz-not-jazz interview with Karen and the review of Life @ 360 Degrees plus visiting Dome Records’ website will certainly help to answer this question if you don’t have a clue.

Please send your answer to xxx. Vaild entries must include the correct answers (of course) and you postal address. Your email and postal address will be forwarded to Dome Records, who’ll send you a copy of Karen’s new album. Three winners will be picked randomly from all valid entries.

[Update May 18th: Thanks to all who send in their answers. The right answers were of course Marrakech and Incognito. Congratulations to Richard in London, Matthias in Mainz and Pertti in Helsinki, who’ve also got an email notification. You will soon receive a copy of Life @ 360 Degrees from Dome Records.]


Curtis Mayfield Keep On Keeping On

Ah, shock, horror…finally I’ve become infected by the youtube plague as well. Here’s a video in a rather good quality of Curtis Mayfield singing Keep On Keeping On from his Roots album.

video url


Norma Winstone in Bremen

Norma Winstone, who recently impressed us on If These Walls Could Talk from Robert Mitchell’s Panacea Trust album will be a guest of the NDR Big Band at the jazzahead! festival in Bremen on March, 23rd . For more info visit the jazzahead website.
I’ve never heard of this jazz festival before (actually I even didn’t know Bremen had a jazz festival). But 185 Euro for a 4 day ticket to attend all lectures, concerts and exhibition is just a little too much in my humble opinion to make this a really interesting festival. And by the way what about the internet as a way to promote and write about music? The topics of the lecture sound so 1990.



The Jazzcat aka LeRoy Downs has published two interviews (as mp3 files) recently (well, I should visit his site more often), one with Carmen Lundy about her recently released double album Jazz And The New Songbook (really a must have with Carmen Lundy originals only), the other interview is with Dianne Reeves (while I still find her albums recommendable, I don’t buy them as long as Blue Note/EMI keeps releasing them with copy protection). is a new site that started with a video podcast of Sonny Rollins. Unfortunately it’s offered as a m4v file only, which most DAPs (except the one with from the company with the fruit logo) don’t support. So you better watch it on your computer with vlc or other media players.
Upcoming video podcasts will include:
April 1: Joe Lovano - Streets of Naples
April 15: Hendrik Meurkens - A Felicidade
May 1: Billy Taylor - American Hero
May 15: Denny Zeitlin - Quiet Now
June 1: Dom Minasi - Vampire’s Revenge
June 15: Tony Monaco ­ Hammond B-3 Master Class
July 1: Joe Lovano - Streams of Expression
July 15: Hendrik Meurkens - A Ra
By the way this is a site by Bret Primack who also brought us the Billy Taylor documentation recently.


meet Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys

…or to cite Monty Python and now for something completely different.
Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys may not record the music you primarily associate with the jazz-not-jazz website. But as an vintage movie buff (I really should update my neglected movie blog soon) I just love their website full of references of days long gone by. And make sure to visit the Vaudeville Closet as well.


an interview with Naima Shamborguer

Last month I reviewed Naima Shamborguer’s dream project From My Heart To Yours, a fine collection of standards with Naima’s unique personal touch. In her second jazz-not-jazz interview tells us a little bit more about the songs on this album, what they mean to her and how she met fellow musicians George Benson and Don Revels amongst others.

Q: You’ve told me in our first interview that From My Heart To Yours is your dream project. Is it still your dream project after you’ve finished it? Because sometimes odd things happen when you do something you really long to do.

Naima Shamborguer: From My Heart To Yours started out as my dream project and has ended up as my dream project even larger than life. It took a little longer than planned to record, but haste makes waste, we took our time and the outcome is above measure. I’m very pleased with From My Heart To Yours.

Q: Please tell me something about the recording sessions and its memorable moments.

Naima Shamborguer: The recording sessions were done at The Live Wire Studio in Southfield Michigan. The Studio sits in an area with a creek running behind the building. I recorded looking out of a huge glass window at the beautiful trees and creek. The atmosphere of this studio is awesome. The memorable moments were the night that the horns came in to record. Trumpeter, Dwight Adams came in and augmented Smile only two takes. It was beautiful. Then George Benson (Sax Man Benson) added his horn to Fuchsia Mood, only two takes and When October Goes one take, we were Screaming, it was great. Then Wendell Harrison, clarinet, George Benson and Dwight Adams added the horns to If You Could See Me Now. We were at a concert then. Unbelievable.
Then Steve Turre Flew in from New York for a Weekend. We recorded The Nearness Of You one take. We also worked that weekend at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge the oldest jazz club in the world and we performed on a radio broadcast some of the tunes From My Heart To Yours and Steve performed some of his music and included the shells that he is so well known for mastering. What a great time.



Lynden David Hall has died

Lynden David Hall had been suffering from the rare cancer Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and died on Tuesday.
Lynden David’s debut album Medicine 4 My Pain was so good that it almost made you believe in the potential power and strength of a major label like EMI again (although his records were released on their subsidiary Cooltempo). Most of us will certainly be familiar with his tunes Sexy Cinderella, Do I Qualify or Crescent Moon. Cooltempo released a second album The Other Side three years later in 2000. His third and last album In Between Jobs was released last year on Random Records. Lyden David also sang on the cover version of Gil-Scott Heron’s Lady Day And John Coltrane, which appeared on Courtney Pine’s album Back In The Day.



Sorry folks! You haven’t heard from me because after one hard drive (manufactured by Seagate by the way) crashed, another started to make some odd metallic noises the next day (and again Seagate is the manufacture). And I just was annoyed with Seagate, their absurd so called customer support, their website that doesn’t work well in Opera or Firefox (at least the part you have to use to get a RMA number) and the fact that I have to send in the hard drive and pay the shipping even though the warranty is still in effect. To cut a long story short, I rather contacted the retailer where I bought the first hard drive (the second was the OEM drive that came with the computer so I had to contact Fujitsu anyway). Well, both of them will replace the drives and I don’t have to pay any shipping costs. And I will never buy another Seagate drive in my life!
And this disaster was also to blame why there hasn’t been a new show on yesterday. But I will now post a few interviews and album reviews. So get a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy!


bad news

One of the worst things has happened today and it’s an experience I really could do without. The hard drive that hold the boot sector on my computer decided to call it a day…although the situation now isn’t too worse since I heard it coming (it made some odd noises the last days) and so I made image files of the OS and the programme drives, which luckily work very well. Unfortunately I had to sacrifice a back-up hard drive with music and movies because this stuff always happens when shops are closed and when you don’t have money left. Anyway, the image files are the reason why I’m able to be online so fast again. Nevertheless, I have to copy some back-ups and restore my personal data like pictures, documents, mail boxes, web sites and so on…grrrr…so this will need some time and you maybe won’t hear anything from me for the next two days or so.


jazz-not-jazz on radiopellenera - Africa

In conjunction with radiopellenera jazz-not-jazz presents a weekly show with quality soul, jazz and house music. You can catch the show every Tuesday from 07:00-09:00 (UTC+1) and if you missed it it will be repeated on Friday 12:00-14:00 (UTC+1) and Sunday from 13:00-15:00 (UTC+1) . For conversion to your local time zone have a look at the wikipedia or at radiopellenera’s schedule on

This time it’s all about Africa. The songs either have Africa or the name of an African state, town or region (like Sahara) in their title or tell us something about African history like Roy Ayers’ Black Family. Here’s the playlist for the show starting tomorrow, Tuesday 7th:

Incognito: Marrakech (from No Time Like The Future)
Dizzie Gillespie: A Night In Tunisia (from Afro)
McCoy Tyner: Sahara (from Sahara)
Speak In Tones: Mali Overdrive (from Subaro)
Stanley Turrentine: Niger Mambo
Candido: Ghana Spice Pt.I
Ola Onabule: Lagos Boy (from Ambitions For A Deeper Breadth)
Terry Callier: Sierra Leone (from Speak Your Piece)
Abbey Lincoln: Africa (from People In Me)
Alice Coltrane: Blue Nile (from Ptah, The El Daoud)
Maiuko: Mozambique (from Different Wars)
JuJu: Nairobi Chants (from Oneness Of JuJu African Rhythms 1970-1982)
Machito: Kenya (from Kenya)
Poncho Sanchez: Sambia (from Latin Spirits)
Roy Ayers: Black Family (from Drive)
Archie Shepp: New Africa (from The Way Ahead)


Freedom Is A Constant Struggle

This exhibition takes its name from a hymn composed a century ago by two African-American brothers, James Weldon and J. Rosamond Johnson. Written in the days of the Jim Crow South, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” inspired African Americans to persist in their struggle for equal rights. During the 1920s, the song was being pasted into the backs of hymnals and had become known as the “Negro national anthem.” The hymn opens with an injunction to “ring with the harmonies of Liberty,” calling for those constitutional rights which were being denied to African American, and closes by affirming God and country. These sentiments frame hopes for a better future, “the white gleam of our bright star.”

Visit the Lift Every Voice Exhibition!


new design

I’m sure, you’ve noticed it… has just been revamped. I hope you all like the new design. I’ve tested this new design in Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer and haven’t found any problems yet. But if you encounter some troubles with the new design please let me know so I can improve it.
On the left side you now find an additional column with randomly chosen pictures of albums or artists. The pictures are all linked to the corresponding reviews/interviews.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a big thank you to all the readers of jazz-not-jazz and to all the artists and labels that support this website.


Sony BMG, a major disaster and the praise of independent releases

I’m sure most of you who are interested in technology, music, DRM and so on have already heard about Sony BMG Music Entertainment’s PR disaster with the rootkit some of their records install on your computer. As you may know from various postings on this blog I’m against copy protected CDs. In fact, copy protected records aren’t CDs any more according to the Red Book standard. They are just some round shiny pieces of plastic that may or may not play on your CD-player.
So, where’s the joy of listening to a CD you’ve just purchased when you nowadays have to ok a long EULA first, that’s taking away all your rights and only gives you a licence to listen to the music instead of owning it? And you may have a malicious rootkit installed. And it dosn’t matter if the copy protection is delivered by First 4 Internet (XCP DRM) or by SunnComm (MediaMax). Actually they all want to phone home, spy on you, intrude your privacy and your computer. And it doesn’t matter if you using a Windows computer or a Mac.
Well, you can still have the joyful, easy and safe listening experience either on your CD player/stereo or on your computer. Just avoid labels like Sony-BMG or EMI and their sub-labels (here’s a list of all Sony BMG labels you shouldn’t buy) who use copy protection. As far as I know Universal is the only major label who don’t use copy protection (at least here in Germany). Rather support independent labels and artists. The independently released music reviewed here is free of digital restrictions and you can rip and burn the music as often as you like. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t copy whole albums for your friends. Better give them a compilation of your favourite tunes, whet their appetite and give them the joy to discover more of the artists themselves.



SoundJunction is all about exploring, discovering and creating music.
You can listen to music, find out who made it and how, discover how the music works, and then recreate it yourself, using interactive music tools.

Sounds nice and fans of black music will be pelased that they can hear music by Jason Yarde with vocal input by Eska Mtungwasi, Cleveland Watkiss, Tunde Jegede or Dennis Rollins. Unfortunately the music can only be heard by the use of the flash plug-in (no audio files for downloading :-/) and the interactive (shockwave) music tools either didn’t work on my firefox (plus within the shockwave file I get directed to to install Quicktime…no thanks, I don’t want this crappy player, I prefer vlc) or the browser just crashes. Nevertheless I like the idea of and it provides some useful information.